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The History and Stories of the Destroyer Escort Harry James Lowe (Loe), Jr.



These Destroyer Escorts that were hastily built and manned when our participation in World War Two was beginning. These small ships were originally built to last six months, as a stop gap measure to protect the convoys supplying materials and eventually men to fight the Axis Powers in Europe.

This site is the history, pictures and stories of just one of those hundreds of little ships. It is dedicated to men who served aboard her and the many faces she showed during her the, three separate commissioning.


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2001 reunion report and photos coming soon! - plans for 2002 also

USS LOWE DE 325 - 22 November 1943 to 1 May 1946 1943 to 1 May 1946

USCGC LOWE WDE 425 -20 July 1951 to 1 June 1954 "NEW PHOTO!"

USS LOWE der 325 - 28 October 1954 to 20 September 1968



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    Named for Harry James Lowe, Jr., born 6 January 1922 in Paducah, Ky., who entered naval service as a seaman apprentice 28 August 1940. He served in heavy cruiser USS SAN FRANCISCO CA-38 from 6 December 1940 to 12 November 1942, when he was killed in action off the Solomon Islands when he refused to abandon his gun in the face of an onrushing Japanese torpedo plane. For his extraordinary heroism, Gunnerís Mate Third Class Lowe was posthumously awarded the Navy Cross.

    In researching information for this site we had the good fortune to received the following information from a niece of Harry Lowe's (Loe).

Dear Mr. Schilke,


    "Thank you for your response. It is nice to know that the history of the ship is still available to generations that have no idea what our men went through. 


    The reason that I spelled the name LOE that way is that when my uncle enlisted [in the navy] they spelled his name wrong. Instead they spelled it LOWE


    My grandmother always told us that he was a very brave man and he knew the correct spelling.  On his memorial marker in Paducah my grandparents spelled it "LOWE (LOE)" so that was handed down to all of us through the you."


                                             Thank you for your interest,

                                                                Margaret Baker Ferguson

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Web Yeoman, Ron Schilke, IC 3

Plank Owner USS LOWE DER 325

1955 to 1957

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