Re-commissioned 20 July 1951 as the US Coast Guard Cutter LOWE WDE 425, she was assigned to service as a weather ship in the Pacific. "Sugar "

Weather were; "NAN" between San Francisco and Hawaii. "QUEEN" in the North Pacific. "SUGAR" and "VICTOR" which went from the Alaskan Aleutians to the South Pacific. These patrols were along the Great Circle Route for Air Craft flying between Japan and the USA. The crew sent up weather balloons twice a day and took deep water temperature readings broadcasting the results. They also stood by to assist anyone needing help in the area of each station.

The usual patrol was a about a month. 21 days on station plus the time to get there and back to port. Sugar and Victor patrols were combined into one patrol of three months duration with a layover in Japan to fuel and provision plus R & R for the crew.

Official US Coast Guard Photo

 and also from Raymond Skourn, crewman 1952-53

Above Photo From W. Ross Yates, RD2 USS Foss DE-59


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