Walter is standing front row right corner, I this picture of his class at torpedo school.


Bruce Adolph, MM 3, WWII shown in a sailors second favorite spot, his bunk space, the first being the mess deck.

Bruce returned to Texas and lived in Winnsboro, TX until his death in 1985.

These photos were submitted by his Grandson, Kelly Allen and his wife Tressie.


Ron Schilke, as IC Striker FN, reported for Commissioning in 1955  and left as IC 3rd Class 1 June 1957



Syd Sanders, as an 18 year old whose first assignment out of Boot Camp, came aboard the LOWE in about June of 1956. Syd became an IC Striker and left active duty as a IC 2nd Class


Roy F Ginrke, SM 2nd Class, was aboard the LOWE from 1966-1967

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