1950's photos

Dick & Jim Blow

?, Ed Rigby, Don Bates, Jim Blow, Steffens & ?

Jim Blow mans the switchboard


Jim Blow  & Bill Terry

Sam Cherney, Pete Alanize, Dick Schroeder, Ed Rigby, Orland "Red" Buseth, Jim Blow & Stephens at one of the two 3" - 50  Cal. mounts on the USS Lowe


Jim & Jean Blow at Christmas 1956, Seattle, Washington

USS  LOWE Family Cruise Day - shown: Ed Sousa, ?, Jean Blow, ?, & Jim Blow.  Can you give us names for the "?" Faces?


?, Don Bates, Ed Rigby, Joe Norton, Steffens, & ?

USS LOWE with sister ship moored out board at Pier 91, Seattle, Washington

Syd Sanders, Doyne Rainwater & Delbert Johnson on the beach

Doyne, Bev and Syd doing the liberty thing.These pictures were taken in Bev & Doyne's hotel room when she came out for Christmas 1956; she was a Jr. in high school. They were married when she was 16 years old. And are still married. "I was 22years old. Sept.15 2001.It will be #45. If God lets us live that long", says Doyne.



These photos courtesy of Jim Blow and Doyne Rainwater. If you have more photos from this or any era let us know and we will try to add them.



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